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Offbeat New Mexico:
Places of Unexpected History, Art, and Culture

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Meet New Mexico

If there's one odd juxtaposition of statistics that sums up New Mexico it’s that the Land of Enchantment is the 5th biggest state in the USA in terms of square miles, but ranks 36th in terms of population with just over 2 million people. And almost half of them call the greater metropolitan area of Albuquerque home.

That's a whole lot of land for the remaining population. And most of both the land and the people register high on both the history and the quirk scale. The best way to know New Mexico is through its places – where all that history, culture, and quirk collide.

What Reviewers are Saying

What this book is, and is not

It's not a travel guide. Travel guides tell you where to eat and sleep. They fill many pages listing places you can more easily find (and evaluate) on sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.

What you really want to know is where to see, learn, and experience some of the unique and unexpected places that are New Mexico.

Offbeat New Mexico is a new kind of book. I call it a History Guide because New Mexico has so much intriguing history. It was the Wild West until perhaps... yesterday.

But Offbeat New Mexico could easily be a guide to the cultures that created this Tri-Cultural state, or to the art that started with petroglyphs and ends up on the walls of Albuquerque as street art or with the mile of art in Santa Fe known as Canyon Road.

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